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I know i dont share any closings on here, and i know it has a bit of self promoting, (which i will gladly take it down if the admins would like, but i believe the message is one that may help all of us as individuals) but this one struck a chord, and i want to share it with everyone... First off Congratulations Mr. Edmundo F. on your new investment property the 3rd one you have. House was listedfor 160k we were able to help him get it at 150k.

The property was not financable due to some illegal nodifications. Instead of quitting and telling him his price point is impossible for what he is trying to get, we kept looking for an angle. In the end, after 2 months of hard work we were able to get the bank to do a loan transfer instead of foreclosing on the previous owner and transfer the current loan to Mr. Edmundo who now plans to fix it up, have it LEGALLY split into 3 lots, rent it for a few years and sell at a absurd profit. (Alot of people deserve credit for this not only me, too many to mention)

A little back story on Mr. Edmundo, hes a cuban refugee who came to the US with 0 dollars. He's been a dish washer for a prominent hotel here in Orlando for 23 years. He earns a average wage (alot less than most of my friends) and has at this point 3 profitable investment properties, he IS the AMERICAN DREAM personafied..

So stop lying yourself, "saying i cant afford a house, i can't invest on my future, im not lucky enough. Thats BS and you know it!! YOU CAN, you're just prioritizing the wrong things (drinking, smoking, partying, going out, eating out and living above your current means). Put focus on your future and good things WILL come.

Im not saying this so you buy a house with me (although i hope you do lol) im saying this so you WAKE up and work on yourself. To better yourself, to grow, to become what you always dreamed of becoming. It doesnt have to be real estate. Just do SOMETHING!

If Mr. Edmundo can do it so can you!!



Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ps. I totally forgot to mention. The other 2 properties are already paid off

Pps. When i asked why he still works if he could have retired a long time ago, he awnsered. Its nice seeing and speaking with all my friends everyday.

Work because you want to not because you have to.

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