Dated: October 10 2017

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I can't tell you how many of my friends and family are their own worst financial enemy.

Not literally but lets look at it from a different perspective, most people are afraid of commitment, both economic or romantic relationships and this is costing them hundres of thousands of dollars.

(we'll leave the romance issue for another person)


Its a bold statement, i know but lets put pen to paper and look at the numbers. (In this case letters to computer)

The average family currently pays 1600-1700 dollars a month renting their home.  The average family has been renting for 7-10 years.  (Ill understate the numbers to show you how much $$$ you're really burning)

$1500(deposit)+$1500(last month's rent)= $3000. (To be honest most of my recent clients have paid less than $2000, in down payment and closing cost.  ONLY -/-$2000 OUT OF POCKET)

$1500(monthly rent)×12(months in a year)= $18,000(per year)

$18,000(per year)×7(years)=$126,000


That is an insane amount of money, imagine this sitting in your bank account, for you to use as you please.

Now I could be wrong and my number may be off or not be relatable to you.  But do this, replace my average with your reality and message me how much money you're burning.

I would love to earn your business and show you how you can save money and time (avg 30 days to close), but even if you have someone you trust or a closer friend ask them about exploring your financing options.

Stop burning money and start investing for you and your family future

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