How To Stay Sane

Dated: 01/23/2019

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The only way to survive in the world is to be insane!!! I know it sounds crazy but youll understand soon enough. First lets look at the most powerful people in the world, can any of them really be described as anything other than insane? Their work load, stress, responsibilities, productive hours all are pushed to incomprehensible limits and a good portion of them all crumble under it.

There is a funny story that helped me reach this conclusion and it shows just how strong my conclusions is. Now i know from studying and reading the works of great authors like Hugo, Twain, Dostoyevsky, Solzhenitsyn and most recently famous psychologist Jordan Peterson that the majority of our life is suffering and those who can transcend suffering "WIN". Some do it by looking at it in the face and battling it every single day, while other the majority hide reality, they hide it so well that they wont even believe it when someone tells them and even if they do believe them they will unconsciously go back to lying to them selves with no remorse and they are 100% right to do so.

Now the lie we tell ourselves is sooooooo big that if we unconsciously realized it while we're awake we dont function properly (ie. Depression, anxiety, ptsd etc) and this is not just imagination or think yourself out of it. Its reality, at any moment there are millions of life threatening things happening all around you and for the most part you are blind to it, once you start realizing it, your world, this pretend one we make for ourselves, which we all are simultaneously the main characters of, starts to crumble and we start to spiral into mental health issues (or the less politically correct but mostly correct term we start going insane)

A majority of us are not insane all the time but NONE of us can say we've never had a momentary slip of sanity. Furthermore we go insane EVERY SINGLE DAY, unbelievably insane, like straight jacket cray cray, we just don't realize it, neither do any of those around us, well i mean sometime they do, very mildly and humorously.

Now i know it sounds strange if you haven't caught on yet, but i have a feeling you soon will.

If i was to tell you that ever single day YOU, are 100% psychotic, you have bizarre hallucinations and100% believe in those hallucinations regardless of how bizarre they were, so you're also delusional, you're 100% disoriented and have no controls over your emotions so you are by all measurable standards mentally incapacitatedand should be put in asylum.... but that seldomly ever happens, why you ask.....

Now here is the part i forgot to tell you in the beginning, this all of this insanity also happened while you were asleep and that you woke up with amnesia and neither you nor anyone around you knew it happened.

Regardless how crazy life gets, find time to sleep, rest, spend time with your loved ones, we only get one go at this crazy world and its the only way to stay sane in it.


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How To Stay Sane

The only way to survive in the world is to be insane!!! I know it sounds crazy but youll understand soon enough. First lets look at the most powerful people in the world, can any of them really be

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